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Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC has been helping drivers get the cheapest car insurance coverage possible since disco was cool.

Back in 1978, the situation vis-à-vis car insurance in Pennsylvania wasn’t much different than it is now. Drivers back then had a plethora of auto insurance options to choose from, and the goal of the agent was to help the driver select an insurance policy that 1) adequately covered and protected the interests of the driver, and 2) was affordable.

Car insurance, essentially – and shopping for it – hasn’t changed much in the decades since. Our mission hasn’t changed either. As top auto insurance agents in Pennsylvania, Miller Carlisle still works every day to help clients find affordable auto insurance rates for policies that meet their coverage needs.

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Custom Car Insurance Tailored to Your Unique Coverage Needs

We Make Sure Pennsylvania Drivers Get the Auto Insurance Policy They Really Need

There’s a tremendous benefit to working with an established, experienced auto insurance agency like Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC of Pennsylvania: With us, you don’t get some cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all car insurance policy. You get a policy that’s precisely tailored to your specific needs.

Customization is key. Miller Carlisle agents take the time to delve deeply into each client’s driving circumstances, to craft an auto policy that aligns with that client’s needs. When searching for policies from auto insurance companies in Pennsylvania, we ask questions like:

— What kind of car do you drive? How old is it? How often do you drive?

— How’s your driving history? Have you ever had your driver’s license revoked?

— Any recent speeding ticket or at-fault accident?

— How’s your credit history?

— Are you a parent of young drivers?

And so on. The more information we can learn about what you need from your coverage, car insurance in Pennsylvania becomes more and more easy to find.

Every auto insurance policy has a lot of moving parts. There are coverage limits to be met, deductibles and premiums to be agreed to, riders to be considered. Work with Miller Carlisle to be sure you’re getting the most custom-tailored car insurance in Pennsylvania.

Choose From the Best Car Insurance Companies in Pennsylvania

Miller Carlisle Is an Independent Broker of Pennsylvania Auto Insurance

It’s great to be independent. In the auto insurance world, independence means our clients get a premium choice of top-rated car insurance companies in Pennsylvania and nationwide. Being an independent car insurance broker means Miller Carlisle provides Pennsylvania drivers with an unbeatable selection of adequate policy options – even from the cheapest car insurance companies doing business in our commonwealth.

As an independent broker in PA since 1978, Miller Carlisle puts our clients in the driver’s seat when making decisions about which car insurance companies, policies, and riders to go with. There’s no shortage of carriers to choose from – we deal with more than 50 auto insurance companies – and over the years Miller Carlisle has developed relationships with them all.

We’re perfectly positioned to be your guide, ensuring your chosen Pennsylvania auto insurance company provides the protection you need – at below-average car insurance rates!

Which Companies Do We Deal With for Pennsylvania Car Insurance?

Rely on Miller Carlisle for Finding Cheap Car Insurance from a Leading Insurance Company

Here’s a partial list of companies we work with for auto insurance in PA:

  • Liberty Mutual
  • Progressive
  • Safeco
  • National General
  • State Auto
  • Cincinnati
  • Selective
  • Penn National

No matter your driving record or credit report, Miller Carlisle can provide every Pennsylvania driver with full-coverage insurance from a top-rated auto insurance company.

Having cheap auto insurance is great enough, but having superior coverage from a reputable insurance company – still at below-average rates! – is even better.

Beware the Uninsured and Underinsured Drivers

Don’t Be Underinsured – and Don’t Be Unprepared If Hit By an Uninsured Driver

Car insurance is like clothing: It only counts if you have enough coverage. There’s an inherent risk in carrying too little coverage in your car insurance policy – that risk being, if you are involved in an at-fault accident, property damage and bodily injury liability could become mainly your financial responsibility.

The state minimum coverage for an auto insurance policy is, generally speaking, too low for many drivers’ situations, especially those who live and/or work in high-value areas of Pennsylvania. Be aware of the need to have adequate medical benefits, bodily injury liability, and property damage liability coverage when putting together your customized auto insurance policy. The cheapest car insurance available may or may not contain sufficient coverage limits to truly protect you in the event of an accident.

Keep in mind, the inverse is also true. Just as you could be – at least at first – attracted to ultra-cheap car insurance quotes that barely (or fail to) meet minimum coverage requirements, so too might another driver be tempted to go overly cut-rate on their car insurance. The unfortunate result is insufficient coverage in the event of an at-fault accident – and other insurance companies are left to take up the slack.

Make sure you arm yourself with sufficient protection in your car insurance policy. Be aware of two crucial criteria:

  1. That your policy contains sufficient coverage levels for property damage, bodily injury, and medical benefits.
  2. That your policy contains a rider which takes effect in the event you’re in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Work with Miller Carlisle to customize your car insurance coverage. We can get you the cheapest car insurance that still provides adequate benefits in case of an accident – you know, the entire reason you buy car insurance in Pennsylvania.

Affordable and Adequate: The “Cheapest” Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Good Auto Insurance Coverage from Top Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Companies is Affordable, Not Cheap

We can provide you with the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania – but we will not sell you an inadequate car insurance policy; that would be unethical and ultimately a bad idea. Instead, we’ll work diligently to find affordable auto insurance rates for policies that genuinely cover your assets.

When it comes to coverage, car insurance policies are not all created equal. There are differences in value, for example, and differences in rapidity and generosity of reimbursement for claims. Miller Carlisle helps Pennsylvania drivers find inexpensive car insurance that still provides the coverage and protection they vitally need.

Part of the role of Miller Carlisle is to be a kind of educator for our clients, lending the wisdom of our experience to assist drivers in the quest for the cheapest car insurance. Here’s something we’ve learned from brokering auto insurance products for Pennsylvanians since 1978: The cheapest car insurance companies aren’t necessarily providing the best policies . . . but you can find cheap auto insurance from a reliable, reputable company that’ll be there when you need it.

Finding inexpensive, adequate, dependable, “cheap” car insurance in Pennsylvania is what we do at Miller Carlisle.

How Much Is Enough Car Insurance in Pennsylvania?

What Amounts of Liability Insurance Should You Carry?

There are two ways to answer this question.

One is to present the minimum coverage required by Pennsylvania auto insurance law:

  • $5,000 in medical benefits
  • $15,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $30,000 for bodily injury per at-fault accident
  • $5,000 for property damage

The other is to discuss your particular needs for auto insurance in Pennsylvania. It may very well be that your circumstances necessitate carrying more than the minimum coverage limits in medical benefits, for example, or property damage – coverage you might be glad you have if you ever cause an at-fault accident.

For example, if you collide with another driver driving an expensive vehicle, your liability insurance needs to cover the cost or repair of that vehicle. Or if there’s property damage resulting from the accident, it’s very easy for that reparation sum to crest more than five grand. Or if there were bodily injury, liability insurance needs to provide for the medical expenses and convalescence costs of each injured person – and that can easily exceed the aforementioned $30,000.

Sometimes it pays to go over the minimum coverage limits.

The goal of Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC is to provide every driver in Pennsylvania auto insurance that truly offers full coverage, even if that coverage comes from one of the cheapest car insurance companies.

What Are the Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage?

From Simple Liability to Comprehensive Coverage, Car Insurance Policies Vary

At the most basic level, there are three general categories of Pennsylvania car insurance:

Liability coverage: Car insurance that pays other parties in the event of an at-fault accident caused by the insured. Absolutely required auto insurance in Pennsylvania.

Collision coverage: Car insurance that pays for the repair or replacement of the insured’s vehicle in the event of a collision with another car, animal, person, or stationary object.

Comprehensive coverage: Also called “full coverage,” car insurance that protects the driver from almost any loss that the vehicle could incur, such as vandalism, theft, fire, hailstorms, blown branches and debris, and other

Auto insurance rates are dependent upon the type of coverage policy selected. Full coverage policies carry higher average rates than policies that provide only the minimum coverage for liability.

Work with the experienced, dedicated, independent agents of Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC to find the right kind of policy for your situation.

Average Car Insurance Rates You Can Afford

Specializing in Young Drivers and Those With Poor Credit

The national average annual rate for auto insurance is continually on the rise. In Pennsylvania, car insurance is usually a major household expense. We’re especially sensitive to our clients’ budgetary concerns.

Auto insurance in Pennsylvania is a necessary expenditure, but there’s no reason it should break the bank. Miller Carlisle agents have a talent for finding a quality insurance policy from the cheapest company – making sure to provide adequate protection while fitting the cost of the coverage policy into your budget.

You don’t need a clean driving record to get good average rates on car insurance. Young drivers, drivers with a subpar driving history, and drivers who may be afflicted with poor credit are perfect for Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC. We go the extra mile in finding affordable, dependable car insurance in Pennsylvania.

Heavy Penalties for Failing To Meet Minimum Coverage

If You Think Car Insurance in Pennsylvania Is Expensive, Try Not Having It

Driving without insurance is a serious matter, according to both the Pennsylvania insurance department and to the law. The penalty for operating a motor vehicle on public roads in PA is rather severe and punitive.

To wit, if you’re caught by the Pennsylvania constabulary driving a car that’s uninsured, the car will be impounded, your driver’s license and vehicle registration will be confiscated and suspended for three months each, and you’ll be fined a substantial amount – not to mention the fees you’ll need to pay to reinstate your license and registration.

And that’s for a first-time offense. Penalties go up if you’re discovered to be driving without car insurance in Pennsylvania a subsequent time.

It’s not enough just to have coverage – car insurance in Pennsylvania must meet certain minimum coverage limits to qualify as a sufficient and reasonable policy, according to the state’s insurance commissioners. So it behooves the Pennsylvania driver to work with an agency like Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC to make sure they get a policy that meets minimum coverage requirements.

Remember Riders When Customizing Auto Insurance in PA

Riders, or Endorsements, are Along For the Ride on Your Auto Policy

In the Pennsylvania car insurance business, when we use the term “riders,” we don’t mean whoever’s in the passenger seat. Riders are add-ons to an auto insurance policy, which is a type of contract, of course. A rider is intended to provide coverage for clauses toward which the policy may be silent, or to bolster other provisional benefits.

Here are a few examples of typical riders the insured can attach to their auto insurance policy in Pennsylvania:

Roadside assistance coverage: Car insurance that covers flat tires, dead batteries, lost keys, and other breakdowns.

Accident forgiveness: One at-fault accident will be forgiven, meaning the incident won’t negatively affect your average annual rate.

New car replacement: In the event that your new-ish car is estimated by the insurance adjustor to be a total loss, you can replace it with the latest model.

Non-owner coverage: Common in cities where people may not own cars but may still need proof of car insurance to borrow or rent a vehicle.

Rental car reimbursement: Covers most or all of the cost of a car rental in case your vehicle is incapacitated by a covered accident.

There’s a lengthy list of other riders you can add to augment the protection of your auto insurance policy. Of course, each additional rider, or endorsement, adds to the annual premium, so be aware of the total cost in order to maintain a competitive price.

Staying in Good Standing With Your Insurance Premium

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Rates That Are Affordable and Easy To Pay

Your car insurance rate doesn’t much matter if it’s difficult to pay your premium.

Part of the customer care offered by Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC is our assistance in showing drivers how to ensure their premium is paid. We don’t take your money; we broker the insurance coverage policy between the Pennsylvania driver and the Pennsylvania auto insurance company, which then accepts your premium payments in exchange for contractually agreed-upon protection.

Typically, the insurance company debits your checking account to pay the monthly premium. Alternatives to monthly payments include six-month and annual premium payments, which usually are paid in advance by check and often involve small discounts.

However, should you have any questions concerning the payment of your monthly or annual premium for auto insurance in Pennsylvania, contact the experienced agents of Miller Carlisle. We’ll do our utmost to help you pay your premium and maintain your coverage.

Service Beyond the Premium: We’re Here To Help

What If There’s an At-Fault Accident? Property Damage? Who Do You Call?

Your insurance company will provide you with contact information to reach them immediately in the event of an accident or incident. Follow their instructions for submitting a claim.

Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC is your resource for claims satisfaction. While we do not process claims ourselves – that’s for the insurance company, not the insurance agency – our staff assists clients with the submittal and follow-through of claims against the coverage policy, making sure the products we sell are holding up their end of the bargain.

Each insurance company is slightly different in the way they handle and process claims. It’s not always the case that the cheapest companies are the most reluctant to pay. Miller Carlisle helps put drivers at ease when enduring the often arduous claim-filing process, guiding our customers to a successful resolution.

After all, if you’ve just suffered the trauma of a car accident, the last thing you need is more headaches.

We’re the Keystone State’s Experts on Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

From Pittsburgh to Harrisburg to Philadelphia, Miller Carlisle Clientele Span the PA Turnpike

Name a county in Pennsylvania. Chances are, Miller Carlisle has sold a policy to a driver who lives there.

Based in Carlisle PA since 1978, Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC has earned a reputation state-wide, from Erie to Lackawanna to Lancaster PA, as a straight-forward, easy-to-work-with insurance agency for finding quality, dependable, affordable car insurance.

We’re licensed to serve drivers residing anywhere in Pennsylvania – and given the fact that many of our auto insurance customers stick with us after they move, or are the adult kids of our customers who’ve become customers themselves – we wind up servicing and renewing auto insurance policies for clients throughout PA. It’s not unusual for us to service a policy for a driver in State College or Altoona or York, either because they used to be our neighbors in Carlisle, or their parents bought auto insurance through us, or they were referred to Miller Carlisle by a friend.

Or, they found us by searching for auto insurance in PA online, just like you have.

Whether you’re in Hershey or Greensburg or beautiful Williamsport, Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC has Pennsylvania car insurance covered.

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Customizability, affordability, and trust. All great reasons to work with Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC to get your car insurance in Pennsylvania.