Auto Insurance in PA – Protecting Your Car Insurance

Providers of auto insurance in PA hate to impose penalties such as non-renewal or cancellations, knowing how much it really means for customers to own a policy. Currently the average rate is pegged at $2,760, an amount comparable to a year of electricity bills. The advice from them is to pay attention to the policy at all times. Some of the worst conditions leading to harsh penalties are fraud and late payments.

Auto insurance in PA – Late Payments

Under certain conditions hostile to business, car insurance companies are compelled to impose maximum penalties. This is done to protect the business. Consider the fact that what they give out during claims amount to 15 to 20 times of what customers are required to put in.

Pennsylvania seems to be on their side. The state does not require car insurance companies to give grace periods for late payments, but in case of cancellations, they are required to send a mail to the client informing him of the cancellation and the reason for such.

Never repeat non-payment. Insurance companies may go as far as excusing a one-time late payment. Beyond that, they label a client a chronically late payer. Take advantage of online payment services. Sometimes, people just don’t have the time to go out from their office or from their house to make payments. Being forgetful is another frequently cited reason, so keep watch of your due dates.

Auto insurance in PA – Fraud

Another important point is fraud. Honesty is still the best policy, so make sure personal information submitted to your insurance company is free of falsehoods. Fraud is committed when there is false information and if it is proven that the act of lying is used to deceive the insurance company for financial gains. Suspicions on fraud can lead to a court case.

Auto insurance in PA – No Driver’s License

Car insurance companies favor responsible driving. Any bad record is subject to review and may be cited as a sufficient reason for cancellation. Drunk driving is especially a no-no, although it is not the act of driving under influence that is directly considered. Drunk driving usually leads to a suspension of license. It is the suspended license that is directly cited for insurance policy cancellations.

In multiple accounts, the driver is removed from the policy and can only be returned once the driver is allowed to drive again. Maintain responsible driving and be careful enough to keep yourself away from accidents.

In Pennsylvania, these occasions call for a need to show current insurance: car needs to be inspected for safeness, registration of the car, traffic accident and when the driver is stopped for violating a traffic rule.

Auto insurance in PA – No Insurance Coverage

Car insurance coverage is one of your tickets to enjoy driving in Pennsylvania. Penalties such as a fine of $300 and suspension of registration and license are imposed on uninsured motorists. Suspension periods for both license and registration is three months. The registration plate, driver’s license and sticker are to be surrendered to authorities.

In summary, auto insurance coverage is important in Pennsylvania. Cancelled policies can leave drivers vulnerable to accident expenses, fines and suspension of registration and licenses. Laws about auto insurance in PA are clear about these, so make sure you are well-informed.