Let’s face it, auto insurance is neither very interesting nor very fun. But the fact is that if you own a car in Pennsylvania, auto insurance is very necessary. Actually, it’s the law. Quoting the Insurance Law Fact Sheet on the PennDOT website, “Pennsylvania law requires all Pennsylvania motor vehicle owners to maintain vehicle liability insurance (financial responsibility) on a currently registered vehicle. Vehicle liability insurance covers the property damage or injuries you may cause others in an accident.”

So in Pennsylvania, auto insurance coverage is an absolute must, for more than one reason: 1) maintaining an auto insurance policy is mandated by law for every driver of a car in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and 2) you’ll find that the coverage you get (bodily injury, personal injury protection, property damage liability, and so on) from owning an adequate auto insurance policy that Miller Carlisle helps you purchase from one of the Keystone State’s many quality car insurance companies will be extraordinarily indispensable…should you ever be unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident.

Car accidents are expensive. Set aside (though truly one cannot) the facts of potentially severe bodily injury committed to yourself or passengers in your car or people in other cars, and the resulting weeks or months of hospitalization for all involved and probably physical therapy after that – and all those mounting medical bills. No, more than that, in the financial accounting of every accident that occurs in Pennsylvania, there’s need to account for damage done to property such as other vehicles, private buildings and public property. Moreover, if a driver is ruled to be at fault in an accident, it could have an adverse effect on the car insurance rates that driver is offered by car insurance companies in the near future.

So, property damage liability and bodily injury liability are two primary reasons why an accident is expensive and why auto insurance coverage is so incredibly useful – so much so, to the point that it’s outright compulsory for all drivers, according to Pennsylvania law.

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On this page of our website, Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC presents some of the basic aspects about auto insurance in Pennsylvania, including the minimum limit any coverage car insurance must carry.

The Necessity And Minimum Coverage Limits of Car Insurance In Pennsylvania

Auto insurance is a state law requirement in the Keystone State, and every driver in Pennsylvania (whether they are a Pennsylvania resident or just passing through) is compelled to comply with the law of carrying an adequate insurance coverage policy that conforms to prescribed limits.

Take note that Pennsylvania tends to have lower minimum car insurance coverage policies than many other states in the country – but also be aware that while the option of low-cost car insurance products may meet the bare requirements and come with very attractive auto insurance rates, the underlying collision coverage, property damage liability coverage, and willingness to pay claims of expenses could be severely lacking.

To illustrate, in Pennsylvania drivers only have to comply with the required minimum coverage limits as follows:

• $15, 000 per person, $30, 000 per accident for bodily injury liability

• $5,000 liability for drivers’ and passengers’ medical benefits

• $5,000 liability for property damage

These are comparatively low minimums, and as a result many Pennsylvania drivers opt for lower auto insurance requirements and therefore enjoy reduced car insurance rates. But there’s a definite drawback to this strategy. Before asking for an insurance quote on policy products in which the coverage limits extend only to $5, 000 per person for medial coverage and to $30, 000 per accident for all coverage, ask yourself: Are you able and willing to pay the other thousands or tens of thousands of dollars of excess liability, if you suddenly were judged to come up with it? Do you have those kinds of resources or that kind of credit in your life?

If not, then when contacting Miller Carlisle at 717-243-4400 about car insurance quotes, consider setting reasonable increases in your liability coverage. The impact on premiums from adding liability is not tremendously much, and expenses can mount extremely quickly when medical bills, property damage and automotive repair bills are factored into the cost.

Why Getting Car Insurance is Necessary

You need to have auto insurance to drive a car within any zip code inside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This is not an arbitrary state law; there are solid reasons why the state mandates that drivers protect themselves and others with the coverage car insurance provides:

• Traffic Violations

• Vehicle Safety Inspections

• Car Registrations

• Car, Motorcycle and Semi-Truck Accidents (could invoke motorcycle insurance or commercial insurance)

In any of the above scenarios and in others, you’ll need to present satisfactory, unexpired proof of a current insurance policy on the vehicle you’re operating. Should your policy undergo cancellation or non-renewal, the provider is required to report the discontinuation of that policy to Pennsylvania state insurance authorities.

Having car insurance isn’t a punishment. Actually, the coverages written into your particular auto policy are a form of financial protection – which is in itself a form of life insurance. On the road, you never know for sure what’s going to happen, and if there’s an accident, you never can be sure what’ll be the result or who’ll be at fault – so the smart option is to get the best car insurance policy in place before anything catastrophic occurs.

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Protection When Other Drivers Don’t Meet Insurance Requirements

A good policy does more than provide the minimum coverage car insurance must carry under Pennsylvania law. Since our agency was founded in 1978, the philosophy of Miller Carlisle has always been to determine the best policy for every driver, given their vehicle, driving record, zip code, credit history, and coverage requirements. Connecting every person with the best insurer for their purposes is our modus operandi at Miller Carlisle.

In reality, not everyone will comply with Pennsylvania car insurance law in the manner they should, a sad fact that stresses the system and strains the coverage policy limits that other drivers were good enough to purchase. Therefore, in recognition of this circumstance, auto insurance quotes may include the following riders:

• Underinsured Motorist Coverage: A type of insurance coverage that protects you against drivers whose policies only meet minimum coverage requirements, meaning there could be no one to pay excess liability expenses (such as your medical bills!).

• Uninsured Motorist Coverage: A type of insurance coverage that protects you against drivers who have no insurance policies whatsoever.

While Pennsylvania car insurance providers are required to offer these coverages, you as the insured are not obligated to accept them. However, they’re both a pretty good idea, given the regrettable preponderance of people driving in Pennsylvania who have little or no insurance on them.

Find the Best Car Insurance In Pennsylvania

So auto insurance is something you got to do, but there’s no need to pay excessive premiums on a policy with sufficient coverage limits. You can find insurers with excellent reputations offering competitive rates to go with some attractive driver discount options too – you just have to know where to look.

Since 1978, Miller Carlisle has been your top local expert in insurance – auto, homeowners, health, business, Medicare supplement, life insurance, and more. As independent agents, we deal with a multitude of competing carriers who want your business – and want more business from us. We work hard to make sure you get the service you deserve and the resources you expect.

Insurance isn’t about numbers and actuary tables; it’s about people. Miller Carlisle LLC wants you to get all questions answered about your policy – online, on the phone or at our Carlisle PA office:

• We’ll immediately attend to your concerns. Ask all questions, and we’ll answer them thoroughly.

• We’ll find the policy that suits your needs best, by determining the levels of coverage you need and utilizing our extensive network to pinpoint the insurer that can meet your needs at the most reasonable auto insurance premiums.

• We’ll be on the lookout for premium discount opportunities, such as upon policy renewal, or achieving certain milestone timespans of no claims and no accidents. Holding multiple policies (such as auto and renters coverage, or auto and homeowners protection) with the same carrier allows that company to offer lower premium costs.

Miller Carlisle is dedicated to making sure all our clients have the best auto coverage for their situation. It’s a matter of needing more than enough, but not too much – and the resources of Miller Carlisle are perfect for helping Pennsylvanians figure out which insurers, policies and rates work best.

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Get a Quote For a Policy Online or Via Phone

Having a good auto insurance policy is peace of mind for every member of your family. If ever an accident does happen – whether it’s your fault or not…whether it causes injuries or does damage to any vehicle or not…whether it involves underinsured motorist with inadequate coverages, or a teen driver or a DUI or some drivers with some shady fly-by-night auto insurance companies or not – you will be glad you have a reputable, responsible insurer on your side. And you’ll really be glad you got a car insurance quote from the independent agents of Miller Carlisle!

Life is already expensive enough in Cumberland County, along this part of the Turnpike, the whole Cumberland Valley and the state at large. Don’t let excessive premium rates force you to lower your coverage limit or dip into financial credit. Take advantage of the experience of your neighbors at Miller Carlisle LLC to get more competitive auto insurance quotes and discounts from responsive, reputable insurers.

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