What You Ought to Know About Liability Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

Liability car insurance in Pennsylvania covers the damages to another person caused by a car crash to which you are at fault. A common type of car insurance, liability is also a coverage option that is mandatory in Pennsylvania.

Two Types of Liability Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

If it is certain that you are at fault in a car accident, the liability insurance could help you pay for the damages to the property of another person (known as property damage liability) or for related costs of the injuries (known as bodily injury liability) that you are liable to pay.

Limits of Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

You will notice the different limits when you are reviewing the coverage options for liability.

The property damage liability limit sets the maximum amount that the insurance company will pay for the damage to the property of the other person. The maximum claim will not exceed the limit you have set.

Meanwhile, the bodily injury liability sets a limit per person who sustained injury. This sets a maximum payout for every person who is injured in a crash collision in which you are at fault, up to the limit of your policy.

Finally, the bodily injury liability limit per accident sets a limit on the total payout that the insurance company will grant for the damages involved for one accident you have caused. Be sure to set the cap high enough to make certain that it will be sufficient to pay the medical costs of several people.

For example, let’s say that you are at fault in a car collision where three people were injured from another car. The bodily injury liability limit per person is $25,000 and the bodily injury limit per accident is $50,000. If the medical bills of Patient A is $20,000, Patient B’s cost is $15,000, and Patient C’s cost is $12,500, your coverage is enough, because the medical cost for each patient is under $25,000 (the bodily injury limit), and the total cost if the medical expenses is $47,000 that is lower than the $50,000 bodily injury limit for one car accident.

What is Not Covered by Liability Car Insurance in Pennsylvania?

A car liability insurance policy doesn’t cover the damages to your own car or the cost of hospitalization to treat your injuries from the accident that you have caused. For this type of coverage, you can choose collision coverage to help you pay for the damages to your own car.

Car liability coverage PA also doesn’t stretch to the cost of injury. If you need this type of coverage, you may consider personal injury coverage or medical payments protection.

What level of car insurance in Pennsylvania liability coverage do you need?

In buying car Pennsylvania auto insurance with liability coverage, you should take a closer look on the restrictions. You should meet the minimum required limits in Pennsylvania, and you may need to buy a policy with higher limits to ensure you are well covered.

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