How You Can Find Cheap Car Insurance in PA

Most towns and cities enjoy cheap car insurance in PA. However, this does not mean you should grab the first offer of insurance that comes your way.

How Towns & Cities Compare

For your quick reference, here is how auto insurances compare in the town and cities of Pennsylvania and its neighborhood:
• The most expensive car insurance premium is in Philadelphia. The average rate is $2,652 per annum. The rate can go as high as $3,874 per annum.

• The cheapest car insurance premium is in State College, averaging $927 annual premium. You can also find cheap auto insurances at Mifflinburg, Walnut Bottom, and Freeburg with average premiums of $938, $940, and $941 respectively.

• Philadelphia ranked fourth (4th) in the list of the top 10 locations with the most expensive car insurances.

Location Matters

Location matters when finding cheap car insurance in PA. It is one of the top considerations of insurance companies when they underwrite the policy and calculate the rate.

Using location as a determining factor, insurers assess the risks through the following:

• Existing and potential road accidents
• Frequency of collision, theft, and own damage

Other factors insurers use to determine premium rate are the following: driving record of the assured/insured, age and gender, type of your automobile among others.

Insurers have their own formula when it comes to assessing, determining, and calculating your risks. In insurance, the higher the risk the costlier your premium rate will be.

Since insurers have their own standards and rate to follow, premium cost may vary from one insurer to another. This is why it is best to shop around to find cheap car insurance in PA.

Get Auto Insurance Quotes

One way to find the best deal is to get auto insurance quotes online. One of the best sites is Carlisle Insurance Services.

From the site, you can get your free car insurance quote. You just have to fill in the necessary information:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email (optional)
  • Choose Auto Insurance from the drop down menu

You may also post queries on the same form, and an agent will respond immediately. If you wish to talk to a live agent, the site allows you to do so.

Why Get Auto Insurance

Auto insurance policies are mandatory. The insurance requirement in Pennsylvania is lower than other States, such as:

  • $5,000 requirement for property damage
  • $5,000 requirement for first party medical benefits
  • $15,000 requirement for bodily injury, in some places in PA this amount is set at $30,000

Premium cost is lower if you choose to insure your car following the minimum requirements. However, you may be spending more eventually if anything untoward happens.

Carlisle Insurance Services will help you find the best rate for your car insurance policy. It works in partnership with leading insurance companies that can give you the coverage you need at the best price possible.

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