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You don’t have to spend your resources unwisely as you can find great insurance rates. Whether you need a car insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, other insurances for your health and business, you can get it cheap in PA. Here’s how.

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Why spend time hopping from one insurance company to another, when you can shop online for your insurance requirements? Here are at least three good reasons to shop online:

1. Get and receive your insurance quotes on the web. There is no need to travel and spend for transportation and miscellaneous costs. Right where you are, you can request for your free insurance quotes.

The best part about getting your free quotes online is that there are no time limits. All you have to do is to connect online and visit Carlisle Insurance Services to get your free quote.

2. Free yourself from stress and pressure. Meeting your insurance requirements can be stressful. You try to find the right coverage you can

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Cheap insurance should never mean bad insurance. At Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC of Pennsylvania, we make sure our clients get inexpensive insurance that still provides the coverage and the peace-of-mind they need.

Since 1978, Miller Carlisle Insurance has served the needs of Pennsylvania’s insurance policy holders, working to ensure that you get quality coverage and reliable responsiveness – even if it’s from one of the cheapest companies.

Miller Carlisle is a fully independent Pennsylvania insurance brokerage, meaning we’re able to shop around with dozens of competing insurance carriers. As a result, we’re able to find the most financially economical policies available.

Our independence, combined with our courteous service and deep understanding of the Pennsylvania insurance market, make Miller Carlisle the No. 1 choice as a Pennsylvania insurance broker.

Insurance is a service business. Miller Carlisle agents are committed to serving the insurance needs of Pennsylvania’s drivers, homeowners, renters, business owners, and families. Everyone needs insurance, whether they like it or not, so Miller Carlisle has generations of expertise helping Pennsylvanians buy cheap insurance that’s still there for you when you actually need it.

Excellent Coverage Is Possible At Inexpensive Insurance Rates

Whether It’s Affordable Car Insurance or Economical Homeowners Insurance in Pennsylvania, Miller Carlisle Can Help You Find It

With more than 40 years in the business of brokering insurance in Pennsylvania – auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance, even health insurance and life insurance – Miller Carlisle has seen just about every situation imaginable. Whatever your particular insurance needs are, our agents have the independence to find the right policy at the right price – while providing the protection you vitally need.

Miller Carlisle has immediate access to dozens of insurance companies licensed in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. That means we can search for the top insurance coverage at the best rates – and you can have confidence that we’ll find it.

With so many choices presented to Pennsylvania customers, it’s like a full-time job searching for high-quality, affordable insurance – whether it’s to protect your car, house, possessions, business, or the health of your family or employees. But that’s exactly what we do as our full-time job: Find a policy from a reputable insurance company that fits your protection needs and your budgetary requirements.

What Kinds of Insurance Does Miller Carlisle Sell in Pennsylvania?

Let’s Look at the Many Types of Insurance Policies Our Independent Brokerage Can Provide

Insurance is protection. The best insurance offers the best protection at a reasonable cost.

Working with Miller Carlisle Insurance Services, you can be assured that you’ll get an insurance policy that fits your coverage needs and your budget. That’s how you get the protection you, your family, and your business deserves.

So what kinds of insurance does Miller Carlisle offer? Here’s a look at some of the protective policies you can purchase by working with our team of independent insurance agents in Pennsylvania.

Car Insurance

We Work With the Best Car Insurance Companies in the Keystone State

For road veterans and young drivers alike, Miller Carlisle is the place to get your Pennsylvania auto insurance coverage. By being an entirely independent agency, we have the tremendous advantage of being able to shop around for competitive quotes from more than 50 highly rated car insurance companies with some of the top reputations in the business.

Auto insurance is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Whether you just need cheap auto insurance or something more like the Cadillac of auto insurance policies, it’s incumbent upon the consumer to select a policy that will cover what they need covered, by an insurance company that will be there in the event of a claim, when the consumer needs them most.

Types of Car Insurance and Car Insurance Riders

There’s a Lot More to a Policy Than Car Insurance Rates

An auto insurance policy has a lot of variables and moving parts. As a Pennsylvania driver, you need to meet state minimum coverage limits, but from a practical standpoint, you need to consider a comprehensive-coverage policy that pays out sufficiently in the event of an accident, property damage, vandalism, theft, or other catastrophic loss in the use of and/or value of your vehicle.

The experienced auto insurance agents of Miller Carlisle have helped many Pennsylvania auto insurance customers strike the right balance between a car insurance policy that provides collision coverage, medical payments coverage, bodily injury liability coverage . . . and one with a premium and a deductible you can afford.

So we educate our clients about their choices in how their policy is constructed, including options like:

Liability Insurance

In Pennsylvania, auto insurance is required to provide coverage in the event of an at-fault accident. Liability insurance pays for damage done to the property of the other parties, such as their vehicles, as well as medical expenses incurred by an accident’s non-fault parties.

Collision Coverage

Car insurance that truly protects your car in the event of damage caused by a collision with another vehicle or an animal. May also include a rider that pays for a rental car while yours is temporarily out of commission.

Comprehensive Coverage

Get protected from loss, no matter the eventuality. Comprehensive-coverage car insurance offers protection against theft, vandalism, storm damage, or acts of God.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Car insurance that picks up where others’ policies are lacking – if they exist at all. Not everyone on the road is responsible enough to follow Pennsylvania law on carrying enough car insurance. Being involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist only compounds an already bad situation, so prevent further calamity by buying a policy with protection against uninsured motorists.

Medical Benefits and Personal Injury Protection

The damage caused by automobile accidents isn’t limited to the cars themselves. People get hurt, sometimes badly. Personal injury protection provides medical benefits to yourself and, depending on how the policy is configured, possibly to other parties injured as a result of the accident.

Auto Insurance Gap Rider

If an accident “totals” your car – meaning the insurance adjuster concludes that your vehicle is a total loss and it’s unjustifiable to attempt to fix or repair – then gap insurance exists to help the insured make up any difference between what the auto insurance policy pays, and what you still owe on the car.

Specialized Vehicle (Antique Vehicle, ATV, Boat, Motorcycle) Insurance

Insure the value of classic collectible and antique cars. Protect your all-terrain vehicle (ATV), motorized watercraft or boat from accident or loss. And ride your hog with your head held high knowing you’ve got the best motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania from Miller Carlisle.

Thinking About Cheap Car Insurance

Miller Carlisle Will Help You Find Affordable Auto Insurance That Offers Real Protection

Regardless of what options or riders you choose (or don’t) for your custom auto insurance policy, the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania may or may not be the right policy for your circumstances. Naturally, the auto insurance agents of Miller Carlisle are highly motivated to find all the cheapest car insurance coverage . . . but we’ll be very honest with you when assessing the “coverage” part.

Miller Carlisle can find affordable auto insurance for Pennsylvania drivers – auto insurance for young drivers, established drivers, and corporate (business) fleets. As a proudly independent auto insurance brokerage, we scour quotes from the most reputable yet cheapest car insurance companies to determine the absolute top choice.

Ask any of our Pennsylvania-licensed auto insurance agents at Miller Carlisle. If you’re going for the cheapest car insurance rates possible, sometimes you run the risk of getting what you pay for. However, the most affordable car insurance may also be the most protective car insurance, so there’s more to consider than cost when comparing quotes.

The cheapest Pennsylvania car insurance companies sometimes are, and sometimes aren’t, among the best car insurance companies for your particular coverage needs. Below-average car insurance rates may be a red flag, or it may be an amazing find.

With Miller Carlisle on your side, you can see beyond auto insurance rates to select the ideal policy that will provide prompt payment in case you ever need to make a claim.

After all, that’s what car insurance is for.

Homeowners Insurance

Protect Your Biggest Investment and Most Valuable, Irreplaceable Asset: Your Home

If you’re a Pennsylvania homeowner with a mortgage, chances are highly likely that you’re required by your mortgagee to maintain homeowner’s insurance, usually paid for through an escrow account that the mortgagee oversees (but that you fund).

When it comes time to buy a house in Pennsylvania, turn to Miller Carlisle for expertise on securing a qualifying homeowners policy that provides protection in the event of damage to your home from a weather event, as well as property damage to or loss of valuables within the home.

If you’re a new homeowner, a real estate investor, or you’re renting, there is a variety of insurance policies that help protect your home and the stuff inside it:

Flood Insurance

In Pennsylvania, depending upon which part of the commonwealth you live, flood insurance may be a very good idea. Many people think they’re fully protected because they have a basic homeowners insurance policy, but they’re shocked and disappointed to learn that they’re completely unprotected from loss due to a flood. Flood insurance in Pennsylvania may be a very savvy forward-thinking investment if your home is located in a potentially vulnerable area.

Mobile Home, Modular Home and Manufactured Home Insurance

A modular or mobile house comes with its own set of insurance needs, including (and especially) protection of your precious possessions within the house.

Investment Property Insurance

Landlords and investors (of both residential and commercial property) should insure their properties that are being rented out. While most tenants respect the space they’re renting, Investment Property insurance is there when there’s damage, fire, theft, or vandalism to your property, whether that be caused by residents, their guests, or acts of God.

Condominium Insurance

Living in a condo is like living in your own world. You own a home, but you live somewhat collectively with your neighbors, sharing certain costs. However, once you’re within those condo walls, the responsibility is yours alone. Protect your condominium investment as well as your personal possessions with condo insurance.

Renters Insurance

In Pennsylvania, renter’s insurance isn’t required but it’s a really good idea. If you’re renting – whether that’s by yourself or with your family – it makes a lot of sense to safeguard your personal possessions as much as possible. Work with Miller Carlisle on a customized renter’s insurance policy that covers the value of your stuff in the event of fire, natural disaster, vandalism, and theft (but not flood).

Personal Umbrella Insurance

This is the sort of insurance that you might not even imagine why you’d need it – but if you ever do, you’re glad you have it. Personal umbrella coverage provides protection from lawsuits by others alleging injury- or damage-causing negligence on your property, and can also be effective as a supplement to auto insurance in the event of extensive, costly damage beyond the benefits of your car insurance policy.

Life Insurance

Think of It As a Tax-Advantaged Way To Grow Your Assets and Provide For Your Family

Life insurance is simply one of the best ideas you could pursue. There are too many compelling reasons to consider life insurance to list here – guaranteed premiums on certain policies, access to the policy’s cash value in the form of policy loans, plus incredible tax benefits including tax-free growth internal to the policy and tax-less bequeathal to the insured’s beneficiaries – but we will discuss the different kinds of life insurance policies and why Miller Carlisle is the agency to discuss life insurance with.

Term Life Insurance

In effect for a set term of time such as five years or 30 years, Term Life Insurance provides money to the beneficiaries if the insured dies during the term with the policy in force. Term life policies may be converted into permanent policies, such as Whole, Universal, and Variable Universal, sometimes without the need for additional underwriting or health exams.

Whole Life Insurance

A stable option for policyholders who want consistent, steady, sometimes guaranteed growth of the policy’s death benefit and its internal cash value. Whole Life insurance policies, as the name suggests, are meant to be in force for the duration of the insured’s life.

Universal Life and Universal Variable Life Insurance

Universal Life insurance policies are a big subject unto themselves. Basically, they’re permanent policies that can grow in cash value, but they also carry some risk of loss as well – particularly Universal Variable Life insurance policies that may be directly tied to the performance of certain markets or securities.

Health Insurance and Medicare Supplemental Plans

There’s Nothing More Valuable Than Your Health, So Make It Affordable To Protect It

In Pennsylvania, many employers provide health insurance coverage as a benefit to their employees – and many individuals and families purchase healthcare coverage without the assistance of an employer.

Whether you’re a business owner looking for a top-quality group health insurance policy to attract and retain good talent within your company, or you’re a self-employed head of household looking to buy affordable health insurance to protect yourself and your family from the unforeseeable, Miller Carlisle is Pennsylvania’s agency for excellent health insurance from the most recognizable health insurance companies in the industry.

If you’re on Medicare, Miller Carlisle can help you supplement your Medicare coverage with an additional policy that extends those benefits, helping you pay for medical expenses such as private insurance options and prescription drug plans.

Business Insurance

It seems like there are nearly as many types of business insurance policies as there are businesses. Choosing the right business insurance options – and making sure those policies provide the protection you need – is a vital aspect of ensuring business success.

To list a few ways business owners can protect their company’s assets:

  • Business Interruption insurance
  • Commercial Auto insurance and Commercial Trucking Fleet insurance
  • Contractor’s General Liability insurance
  • Medical Malpractice insurance
  • Hotel, Motel, and Hospitality insurance
  • Restaurant and Bar insurance
  • Liquor Liability insurance
  • Product Liability insurance
  • Builder’s Risk insurance
  • Technology Industry insurance
  • Wholesalers and Distributors insurance

Not only does each industry have its own unique insurance needs (and sometimes compulsory regulatory requirements), there are a myriad of insurance options for business owners in Pennsylvania to consider, such as key-employee coverage and worker’s compensation insurance.

Work with Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC to decide on the best suite of business insurance coverages that sets you up for success.

Miller Carlisle Is Your Go-To Agency for All Types of Insurance in Pennsylvania

We Help Pennsylvanians Across the State Find Just the Right Insurance Policy

From Erie to Westchester and Scranton to Washington PA, we’re here to serve the people of the Keystone State.

With our headquarters in Carlisle PA in the heart of Cumberland County, Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC helps homeowners, business owners, and drivers throughout Pennsylvania. Since our establishment in 1978, we’ve assisted customers all around Pennsylvania, in Meadville and Mansfield and Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and Hershey and Hanover – and, yes, even Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Wherever folks need good, cheap insurance in PA, Miller Carlisle Insurance Services is the independent insurance agency that’ll help you find the most affordable auto insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance, health insurance and life insurance in Pennsylvania.

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Our experienced agents do the difficult legwork, putting together detailed quotes on affordable policies from a variety of highly ranked insurance companies, matching your exact needs and protecting your financial well-being. But it’s up to you which policy is right.

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As a one-stop shop, we make it easy to find excellent affordable insurance coverage – car insurance, homeowners insurance, business insurance, health insurance, life insurance and more – no matter your credit report, your driving record, or your PA zip code.

Work with Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC to find top-notch inexpensive insurance in Pennsylvania.


You do not have to say yes even when you want to say no. When you shop online for your insurance needs, you can examine the offer without succumbing to pressure.

3. Connect with many insurance companies, some or most of them you may not even know. Sometimes, some of the best policies are from insurers that are not as popular as the leading providers are.

When you visit Carlisle Insurance Services, you will be able to receive offers from at least fifty-(50) insurance companies where you can get the cheapest rates. Through the offers, you can find the best policy that meets your needs including your budget.

Finding the Best Insurer

It may be difficult to find the best insurance provider. However, Carlisle Insurance Services will not only connect you with reputable insurance providers, but it will also give you tips, advice, and recommendations from experts in the industry.

Carlisle Insurance Services considers your interests and treats you like family. This is because the people running the agency are real life family members. Since they started their business, the community recognizes them as an icon for solid customer service and excellent care.

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You can get your free quotes for insurance in PA by simply providing the following:

  • Name and telephone number
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• Car insurance
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Once you submit the above, you will receive your quote(s) promptly through your email or an agent will call you. You may also call Carlisle Insurance Services if you wish to speak to a live agent. Another option is to visit the office in Carlisle PA.

Shopping online to find the best insurer and getting your free insurance quotes will enable you to enjoy the best deal. Visiting Carlisle Insurance Services is the most convenient way to get the best insurance premiums.