Pennsylvania Car Insurance – Not Just the Price

It may be unwise if you set your mind mainly on searching for cheap car insurance. Many who did that ended regretting it. Lesson is, be comprehensive, considering other equally important factors.

Car Insurance Deals – Pennsylvania law

Know the state rules governing car insurance deals. Pennsylvania law favors drivers, as it is a no-fault state. This means that insurers must compensate the insured whether or not the insured is at fault.

Take a good look at the personal injury protection (PIP) provision. That’s where to find the payments. The minimum amount per accident is pegged at twice the amount per person per accident. If it states the minimum amount to be $15000 per person per accident, $30000 is the lowest amount per accident.

Be particular about possibilities of being sued in court. With traditional policies, it is not far-fetched for the driver to find himself being asked “to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” in a court of law. As long as you’re putting yourself under the protection of a no-fault policy, the chance to face a lawsuit is minute. Keep your head sane and avoid inflicting serious injury on another person. If there’s serious injury, keep talking to the injured until he is convinced going to court is a waste of time and resources.

Coverage items

Some car insurance agents at other agencies are always in a hurry when dealing with a client. Rightly so because they want to close as many deals as possible. If your agent is on a shortcut mode, tell him that you have prepared your questions. Ask him if these items are covered and how much payment is set for each.
• Medical payments for the insured
• Physical damage on the insured vehicle
• Payment to third parties, which include bodily injury, damaged property and car and people
• Payment to passengers of the insured vehicle
• Fire and theft involving a third party
• Car rental payment (the insured car is damaged)
• Payment for towing the insured car to a repair shop
• Accidents that involve motorists with no car insurance coverage

Credit rating

This may come as a surprise to you, but yes, insurance companies are now looking into customers’ credit ratings to assess risk. Think about dropping by credit rating agencies as soon as you can.
For insurance companies, a good credit score tells a lot about a customer. The guy must be financially stable, is responsible and has the means to take good care of the car. Expect this guy to get the lowest premium possible. Those who got bad scores not only get high premiums. Outright policy cancellations are a common thing among them.

Don’t go for the cheapest car insurance in Pennsylvania

On the contrary, and if your budget allows you to go for it, go for an insurance coverage with higher minimums. In the event that you are held liable for an accident and the amount of damage is beyond the PIP limits of the other party, you can keep your cool, knowing that you have a strong policy that can cover the difference.

Remember, money talks, and it usually has the loudest voice. Going for the cheapest car insurance may leave you feeling unready and uncertain when a disaster happens.