Why Do You Need A Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy?

Getting a standard car insurance policy is required by law, but is it really necessary? About one out of seven drivers ignore getting car insurance in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, these people will only realize the importance of car insurance when they need it most. If you need to get a new car insurance policy or you are reconsidering renewal, read on to learn how it could protect your bank account, your car, and above all – your life.

According to the Bureau of Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, there were 121,312 car crashes in the Keystone State in 2010 causing 1,324 deaths and 87,949 cases of injury. To add more perspective, car crashes killed four Pennsylvanians every day during that year.

Now imagine if you don’t have car insurance. Every time you drive your car, you are risking not only your current finances, but also the future of your family. Aside from inconvenience, you also need to consider the damage cost of a car crash as well as the cost of medical bills to recover from disabling injuries.

You can protect yourself from a sudden financial menace if you have reliable car insurance. Apart from paying most of the cost for the accident, car insurance can also help you avoid possible lawsuits through the policy’s liability coverage.

Getting car insurance with liability coverage can provide you with medical expense coverage, collision coverage, and can save you thousands of dollars.

Your insurance agent can also help you to survive the inconvenient post-accident process. This includes working with the insurance company of the other driver, assisting you during the claims process, helping you to search for a recommended car repair shop, and getting a fair and fast claim. And even if the other driver has no car insurance, you can still recover the cost with special coverage for uninsured motorist.

Getting a driver’s license doesn’t give a person the right skills and attitude for driving. There’s a fair share of unscrupulous drivers out there. A reliable car insurance policy provides financial protection from the errors of other drivers.

Perhaps you have studied the traffic law in Pennsylvania. Perhaps you have outstanding hand-eye coordination. Perhaps you have a clean driving record. Perhaps you are the best driver in Pennsylvania. But, there are drivers out there who are not.

A standard car insurance policy can protect you from drivers who beat the red light, who send text messages while driving, and who think they are the masters of the road. Driving is prone to human error, so there’s no telling when and where you could meet a car accident. Getting a PA insurance policy for your car can protect you from the damages and consequences of driving errors.

If you sustained physical injuries in a car crash and your health insurance cannot cover the entire cost of hospital expenses, your car insurance could help. With medical and personal injury protection, the insurance can cover the costs associated in treating injuries from a car accident.

Even if you have car insurance, the policy may help you pay for costs that a medical insurance may not cover. This includes dental work, funeral expenses, and even extended nursing care if you need to undergo rehabilitation.

With all the benefits of getting car insurance, you need to get one to protect you and your family. Get a free quote or call us at (717) 243-4400 and let’s talk about your car insurance needs.