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In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, car insurance isn’t optional – it’s compulsory. If you own a car, it’s gotta be properly and sufficiently insured…by law.

And it’s a good thing that Pennsylvania requires that all drivers carry an adequate car insurance policy: Anyone who’s ever been in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist knows all too well the hassles and headaches of trying to return to a state of normalcy when the other party has little to no resources available to make things right (and making things right is what car insurance is all about).

Here at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC, a top-rated independent Pennsylvania auto insurance agency since 1978, we make it our mission to find the absolute best car insurance for every driver. Whether you’ve been driving for a few months or several decades, whether you’re rolling around in a Rolls Royce or a Pinto, whether you live in Carlisle, Harrisburg, Philadelphia or Pittsburgh…we’re the local independent agent Pennsylvania drivers rely on to insure their automobile – and protect their assets from financial loss.

A Fully Independent Broker for Pennsylvania Car Insurance

Our Independence Lets Us Scour the Market for the Right Policy from the Best Auto Insurance Carrier

It’s a big deal, being an independent car insurance agent in Pennsylvania. It means we’re not bound to any one insurance company; instead, we can solicit quotes from some of the top names in auto insurance – then work with you to select the right policy.

Do you demand comprehensive coverages? We’ll do the research and offer a selection of complimentary quotes. Looking for Pennsylvania car insurance discounts? We’ll hunt them down. Got a restricted driver’s license? We’ll still find you a great policy.

The independence of Miller Carlisle as a Pennsylvania auto insurance agency is one of our strongest selling points. Let us leverage our independent status to uncover the most optimal policy for your PA car insurance.

Experience Counts. Miller Carlisle Insurance Has Been There and Done That

We’ve Been an Independent Broker of Auto Insurance Coverage Since 1978

There’s something to be said for experience – and in the auto insurance agency business, that something is “You better have some experience!”

No need to worry about that with Miller Carlisle. We’ve been in business since 1978, serving Pennsylvania car insurance clients with the same independence and client-first mentality we’ve always had.

So what does all that institutional experience mean for you, the insured? It means you get the best advice, the most insight, and the right policy for you – because chances are we’ve seen a scenario like yours before, and we know how to deliver the results you’re looking for.

What To Look for When Looking for Pennsylvania Car Insurance

From Collision Coverage to Money for Medical Expenses, Get the Auto Insurance Policy You Want

As you probably already know, there’s really no such thing as a simple, straightforward car insurance policy. Policies have lots of moving parts to them, and no two are exactly alike.

For example, some policies cover more situations than others. To wit: A policy that merely covers the driver in the event of an at-fault accident is known as “collision coverage,” while a policy that provides protections from damage to your car (no matter how it happens) is called “comprehensive coverage.”

And, as you might well imagine, there’s virtually every level of car insurance policy in between.

Now, per Pennsylvania state laws, there are lower limits of coverage that all auto insurance policies sold in the Commonwealth must meet. Among these minimum limits are:

  • $15,000 per person in bodily injury liability coverage
  • $30,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage
  • $5,000 per accident in property damage coverage

That’s the bare minimum – and frankly, it’s not nearly enough for pretty much all drivers in Pennsylvania. Why? Because all those dollar figures above provide protection for other drivers – not for you. A good insurance policy offers excellent first-party benefits (and therefore peace-of-mind) to the driver as well as mandated coverage for other parties.

Consider a policy that protects your financial interests in the event of a serious accident. Make sure you understand any limited tort limits. Talk with your Miller Carlisle agent about add-on riders that pay medical benefits, repair expenses, rental car expenses, underinsured motorist coverages, even roadside assistance. There are even riders that allow for one-time covered accident forgiveness, so your car insurance premium doesn’t shoot up because of a single unfortunate occurrence.

And that brings us to the subject of car insurance premiums. That’s the amount you’ll pay every month to the auto insurance company to keep the policy in force – and it’s one of the main factors our clients use in determining which coverage option they go with.

But a word of warning: The premium isn’t the only thing you should look at when evaluating coverages. That’s because the short-term savings you get wouldn’t be worth the expenses you’d incur if your policy doesn’t pay enough.

Work with your Miller Carlisle insurance broker to strike the right balance between premium and deductible (since the higher the deductible, the lower the premium, and vice versa). We’ll also guide you through the complicated maze of options, riders, and mandatory minimums to ensure you get a Pennsylvania auto insurance policy that fits your budget, your vehicle, and your coverage needs.

We Sell Pennsylvania Car Insurance Throughout the Keystone State!

Serving Drivers from Erie to East Stroudsburg and Wilkes-Barre to Washington PA

At Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC, we have a passion for all things Pennsylvania. We love the history of Gettysburg and Valley Forge, the dynamicism of Harrisburg and Philly, the traditions of Punxsutawney and State College, and of course the awesome beauty of the Alleghenies and the Poconos.

And we’re able to sell a first-rate auto insurance policy from a highly regarded auto insurance company to any driver anywhere in PA.

So whether you live in Warren, Wellsboro, Williamsport, or West Chester, the car insurance agents of Miller Carlisle are the ones to call.

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