PA insurance – Pennsylvania Insurance Laws and Tips

To start with, it is to your benefit if you know concerned PA insurance agencies to run to in case you encounter discrepancies in your insurance transactions. The Pennsylvania Department of Insurance is one good place. It has the mandate to regulate insurance rates and policies within the state.

Wherever you are seeking assistance from, arm yourself with basic legal information.

PA Insurance – On Car Insurance

Car insurers are required to give out at least $15000/$30000 for PIPI. That means the minimum compensation for every injured person is $15000, but the maximum amount that can be released in an accident is only $30000. The implication is a car insurance company is liable only for up to two injured persons. Pennsylvania is a no-fault state.

PA insurance laws prohibit driving without insurance. Those who violate will be suspended from driving in the state and it will take 60 days for the guilty driver to reclaim registration and license.

PA Insurance – On Health Insurance

For health insurance matters, check the HIPAA provisions safeguarding the rights of patients. The HIPAA act has already been amended through the ACA act. Before you sign a contract, read through these provisions and see if your insurance company is abiding by them. Some of the rights mentioned are:
• Access to health insurance coverage for employers and individuals is guaranteed. Renewability of coverage is also guaranteed.
• Guaranteed enrolment for health coverage for those who lost their health coverage, got married or added a new dependent.
• Prohibition of discrimination due to health status.

Remember that Medicare has no agents. In the event that you receive a letter that refers you to some “Medicare information”, you just wait until you receive a call from a PA insurance agent. He will most likely discuss about a supplemental policy to your Medicare.

PA Insurance – On Life Insurance

When buying life insurance, you have 10 days from delivery date to reject the policy you have purchased. If you think you are not satisfied, you can simply return the policy and then ask for a full refund.

For mothers and pregnant women, there should be no discrimination. Those who have no serious complications related to pregnancy should not get higher rates than non-pregnant women, although complications such as diabetes, excessive weight gain and high blood pressure may lead to higher premiums.

PA Insurance – On Warranty Clause

Service agreements and warranties not issued by a PA insurance company may not offer the same privileges sold by insurance provider.

Not all essentials have been covered here by reason of space. Pennsylvania government websites have lots of information to share, but sometimes the presentation is too complicated to be easily understood. If you are confused or at a loss, or simply clarifying questions, talk with a reputable PA insurance company – Carlisle Insurance Services, or if you have access to legal advice, talk to an insurance lawyer based in Pennsylvania.