Pet Insurance Provides Life-Saving Veterinary Care for Your Pets

Your pets do more than wake you up with early morning kisses, walk with you after dinner or entertain you with cute facial expressions. They become part of your family. Like health insurance pays for the medical treatment you need, pet insurance covers the veterinary care your furry friends need.

Importance of Veterinary Care

You want your pets to live long, healthy lives. However, accidents and illnesses happen.

    • Your cat is in a fight with a stray, and the scratch marks become infected.
    • Your dog chews on a hard toy and breaks a tooth.
    • Your hamster is lethargic and hasn’t eaten anything for 24 hours.

These concerns require a trip to the veterinarian who will use his or her professional training and experience to diagnose the problem, perform medical tests and prescribe a course of treatment or medicine to assist your pets in becoming healthy.

But what happens when recommended medical procedures cost thousands of dollars? You may be reluctant to follow your veterinarian’s advice, which puts your precious pets’ lives at risk. Pet insurance helps you meet your pets’ medical needs and pay for life-saving treatments.

Miller Carlisle Insurance Associates Help you Care for Your Pets

We understand how much you love your pets, so we offer numerous pet insurance policies for your needs. You may choose a $50, $100 or $200 deductible and then select a plan.

    • Petplan Bronze: $8,000 coverage limit
    • Petplan Silver: $12,000 coverage limit
    • Petplan Gold: $20,000 coverage limit

Each plan covers things like accidents, illnesses, medications, surgery, cancer treatment, diagnostic tests and non-routine dental treatment. You can also renew your policy every year to insure your pets continue to receive necessary veterinary treatment.

With the right pet insurance, you enjoy peace of mind because you know your best friends are protected. Contact Miller Carlisle Insurance Associates by phone at 1-800-714-9244 or online at today, and purchase adequate pet insurance. Then, enjoy the antics and companionship your pets provide as you do your part to protect their health and well-being.

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