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We get it. You don’t love car insurance. Not to worry – that’s our job. But the fact is, in Pennsylvania, auto insurance is a must-have. If you own a car, you gotta have insurance, and it’s gotta meet state requirements for minimum coverage. It’s the law.

But that doesn’t mean buying car insurance in Pennsylvania has to be difficult or expensive. In fact, if cheap car insurance is your goal, then the folks at Miller Carlisle Insurance Services are your auto insurance agents!

The reason: Independence. Since 1978, Miller Carlisle has provided drivers in Pennsylvania with accurate, dependable auto insurance quotes from a tremendous variety of top-rated car insurance companies, working with you every step of the way to ensure that your auto insurance policy meets your needs while being a perfect fit for your budget.

Hey, Pennsylvania drivers: No matter which zip code you live in, Miller Carlisle is the best friend you can have when you’re shopping for the best car insurance options. Call us today at 717-243-4400, email [email protected], or fill out the short form on the right-hand side of every page on this website for more information and to have our agents create customized quotes on a car insurance policy that’s both affordable and reliable.

Here in Pennsylvania we understand the vital importance of being independent.

We Match All Drivers to the Right Car Insurance Policy for Them

Helping Drivers in Pennsylvania Buy Great Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania Since 1978

Which category of Pennsylvania drivers do you most fit into?

  • You’re a brand new driver who just got your first driver’s license.
  • You’re a veteran of the road with spotless driving records after decades of experience behind the wheel.
  • You drive your car as a job or a side hustle, such as ride-sharing or delivery.
  • You move a lot, frequently changing location from one Pennsylvania zip code to another Pennsylvania zip code.
  • You’ve had an accident or two or three.
  • There are speeding tickets on your record.
  • There’s a DUI on your record.

If you slot into any department above, you need to call Miller Carlisle. We use over 40 years of experience to determine the car insurance companies whose insurance products best suit your needs – then we go further, digging into the reputation of the insurer to ascertain their responsiveness to claims and competitiveness in insurance rates.

Once you agree that we’ve pinpointed the right auto policy for you, then and only then do we proceed to sign on the dotted line and put that policy into effect.

It’s part of the full-service customers have come to expect from Miller Carlisle LLC.

Do You Know the Rules of Auto Insurance Coverage in Pennsylvania?

Here’s What Keystone State Laws Say About a Minimum Coverage Policy

The Department of Insurance of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania mandates a certain lower-limit benefit amount that every auto insurer in the state must comply with. These amounts aren’t arbitrary; they’re put in place by state laws so that, in theory, every person involved in a hypothetical car accident can be assured that their loss will be covered by the auto policy of the at-fault drivers.

So, for your information, what exactly are those state-mandated liability limits below which a policy cannot go?

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Minimum: $15,000 per person; $30,000 per accident

Property Damage Liability Coverage

Minimum: $5,000 per accident

Medical Expenses

Minimum: $5,000 per accident

Additional (Unmandated) Coverages

Collision – policy rider that pays benefits to recover from loss of or damage to your vehicle due to an accident.

Comprehensive – policy rider that pays benefits to recover from loss of or damage to your vehicle due to vandalism, theft, fire, flood, or an accident with an animal.

Limited or Full Tort Option – gives legal permission for injured parties to sue at-fault parties for bodily injury in the event of an accident. This option is commonly invoked when a person is injured by a driver charged with DUI.

Underinsured & Uninsured Motorist Coverage – covers injured parties for bodily injury (not property damage) in the event of an accident caused by a motorist with no or insufficient auto insurance.

For more information on what makes for adequate liability insurance in an auto policy, access the website of the Pennsylvania State Department of Insurance at

Our Independence Makes Miller Carlisle Your Best Bet for Cheap Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

We Shop a Wide Variety of Pennsylvania Car Insurance Carriers To Find Your Top Option

No matter what your location in Pennsylvania . . . no matter how long you’ve had your driver’s license . . . no matter what make of car you use . . . every motorist in Pennsylvania can benefit from the independent status of Miller Carlisle Insurance Services LLC.

Check out this list of top-rated auto insurers we are licensed to do business with:

  • Penn National
  • Kemper
  • Donegal
  • Erie
  • Cincinnati
  • State Auto
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Safeco
  • National General
  • Selective
  • Progressive
  • Goodville Mutual
  • American Modern (collector cars)

(Note: Certain insurers, such as State Farm and Nationwide, are not eligible to be sold by independent agencies like Miller Carlisle.)

Get Pennsylvania Auto Insurance That’s Both Inexpensive and Effective

Miller Carlisle Helps You Find the Balance Between Premium Cost and Coverage Amount

Cheap car insurance is what all drivers in Pennsylvania are looking for – and we do mean all. But the reality is that the cheapest policy may not cover all your needs in the event of an accident or other loss.

How do you make your auto insurance premium less expensive? There are several ways:

  • Raise the policy deductible (i.e., what you pay before the auto insurance company pays).
  • Forego comprehensive coverage and pay only for liability.
  • Reduce liability limits to state minimums (see below for information on Department of Insurance state requirements in Pennsylvania).
  • Live in a rural zip code.
  • Drive a car with a relatively low Kelley Blue Book value.
  • The best way to buy Pennsylvania car insurance at low rates? Be a careful and defensive driver and always follow the rules of the road.

Obviously, not all of these options are available to every Pennsylvania motorist. Coverage amount is what’s paramount. That’s why we at Miller Carlisle work so hard to solicit an array of car insurance rates customized to your circumstances . . . so that together, we put drivers into a policy that they can afford while also providing enough coverage that it’ll take care of you in the event of an accident or loss.

Purchasing an auto insurance policy with a premium you can pay and the coverage amount you need is crucially important for your financial well-being – and that’s why you need Miller Carlisle.

Let’s Get Started on Finding You the Best Possible Auto Policy

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Yes, we still know – car insurance isn’t the most fun topic you could be reading about on the Internet right now. But it is a necessary subject, and we at Miller Carlisle appreciate you taking the time to learn why we’re your best choice for a great policy at fantastic rates.

The first step is easy: Give our office a call at 717-243-4400, snap an email to [email protected], or complete the simple contact form you’ll find right here on our website. With a few pieces of information, we’ll shop around on your behalf and determine the most attractive auto insurance policies you could buy.

Together we’ll work through the pros and cons, iron out any details (such as specific coverages and add-on riders), and select the best auto policy at affordable insurance rates.

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