PA Auto Insurance – Questions and Answers

PA auto insurance companies know the importance of having an open line through which they can be reached for questions and advice. They have a landline, an email address and an online representative, but even with those services around, there’s no guarantee that everyone can be accommodated. Caught up in such a situation? Online forums and Q & A articles are the next best thing. Below are five questions.

PA Auto Insurance – How much is car insurance in Pennsylvania?

Prices vary from company to company, but the law is clear on the minimum amounts. The minimum for bodily injury liability is $15000 per person and $30000 per accident. Damage on property has a minimum of $5000 and medical expense for the first party has a minimum of $5000.

Currently, the lowest rate average rate is $1834 and the highest $3874. Some websites specify the average for each area code in Pennsylvania. For example, the average for area code 19132 is $2760 while the one for 19140 is $2726. The basis for this is data submitted from four national insurance carriers.

PA Auto Insurance – How much do I get for repairs?

Your insurance policy states how much you will get from your insurance company in the event that your car is damaged. The company is responsible for returning the vehicle to its condition prior to the occurrence of the damage. You may obtain a list or repair facilities from your car insurance company. The list contains the repair facilities near the place where your car is located. You can choose whether to get one from the list or just pick a repair shop of your own choice. A written appraisal of the needed repair is needed.

PA Auto Insurance – I am an occasional drinker? What’s the Pennsylvania law saying about that?

This is a good question from those who are worried about their drinking habit. Yes, Pennsylvania is strictly against drunk driving. If you get caught, you risk of losing your license. If you lose your license and the insurance gets to know about it, they will immediately cancel your policy. Authorities might even try to contact your insurance ahead of you should the situation warrant it. Carrying an ARD certificate won’t help in such cases.

PA Auto Insurance – Can I avail of the Assigned Risk Plan (ARP)?

The Assigned Risk Plan is Pennsylvania’s program to give coverage to those who are financially unable to secure car insurance. All insurance companies are required to participate in the program, so don’t hesitate to talk with an agent if you find ARP to be your best option.

To qualify, you must not have claims on your behalf exceeding $1500 from Pennsylvania auto insurance companies. There should be no history of your license being revoked or suspended and your traffic violations should be less than or equal to three points. Lastly, you should provide proof that you have been a licensed operator for not less than 3 years.

No Insurance

Never ply the roads of this state without insurance. If caught violating, your license and vehicle registration will be automatically suspended for 3 mos. Authorities don’t bend to excuses and pleadings, so make sure that you know PA auto insurance laws by heart and resolve not to violate any of them.